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For the novice or experienced player. Real betting, but not real betting. Play head to head or in multiplayer sports betting tournaments.

Real Sports Betting Value

Join a tourney and get 500 units
Bet with units, not real money
Climb the leaderboard to win cash
Be The

Better Bettor

Compete against other players, not the house.

Create your player and login.

Join a sportsbook tournament.

3 - Play To Win!

Similar to a real sportsbook.



Tourneys Work

Join a sportsbook tourney and receive 500 units to place bets.
Bet options are determined by the tourney level.
Outscore the opponent(s) to win.
Play daily, weekly or monthly.
Head to head or multiplayer.
sports betting leagues
sports betting tournaments

Place Bets

Straight up, teasers, parlays or action reverses.
sports betting tournaments

Not a Traditional Sportsbook

Similar but different.

Wager units, not real money
Proprietary gamification rules
Tease MLB and NHL games
Simple and easy to place a bet
Beat the opponent(s) to win
3 tourney levels offer easier or more competitive sports betting experiences.


Skill-Based Gaming

Our sports betting tournaments take a clear distinction as games of skill and do not fall under "real gambling" laws, making our cash entry tournaments legal in most U.S. states. We do not offer real sports betting options.

How does FanBettor determine it is skill-based?

All winning outcomes are based on a players score (unit balance) and no winning outcome is based on the result of any one sporting event. All sportsbook tournament results are based on multiple sporting events, in combination with; handicapping knowledge; assessing the probability of possible outcomes; and the ability to manage a unit balance to stay active and outscore opponents.

What are the requirements to be eligible to play in cash entry tournaments?

To be eligible the minimum age to play is 18, but some states may require players to be 21 years of age. Most U.S. states allow skill gaming. We don't allow users in some U.S. states (AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, LA, MD, MT, SC, SD, and TN) to compete in cash entry tournaments in order to comply with their state regulations.