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Sportsbook Tourneys (10)

The tourney may have not started for the player. Only after the start date/time of the tournament will the player show in the dropdown.
Bets can be placed right up until game time. Bets cannot be placed after the tourney End Date/Time.
After the game starts. Player bets for 1pm games will show up at 1pm, etc.
The week ends after the completion of the Monday night game. If there is no MNF game the week ends after the completion of the last game played on Sunday.
Not required, however but it can be a creative way to boost a players score.
A point spread makes the team most likely to win the favorite and the team most likely to lose the underdog. The favortie team give points (49ers -3), while an underdog gets points (Chiefs +3). If you bet the (49ers -3) they must win by 4 points to cover the point spread. If you bet the (Chiefs +3) they can lose the game by 2 points and still cover the point spread. When you cover the spread you win your bet.
The over/under (O/U) is a prediction by the oddsmakers on the total number of points scored by both teams in a game.
This is the big one. When a player chooses 2 games combined as a single wager and can score 4x the amount wagered. Hisk risk wager.
No. FanBettor is not a real wagering service.