General Questions (6)

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You must be at least 18 years old to play. Please see our terms of use for details.
Some email providers may block the email, check other folders on your email account. If needed send an email to from the registered email and we will activate your account.
In traditional sports betting, you bet real money on the results of a game. At FanBettor, you predict the results of multiple games, trying to outscore opponents in a skill-based contest.
In fantasy sports, the scoring system is based on the stats of real-life players drafted in a contest. At FanBettor, we gamify the sports betting experience. Our scoring system is based on the results of non-monetary wagers on sports in a contest (tourney).
No. FanBettor is not a real wagering service.

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Tournament Questions (8)

Common questions about our sportsbook tourneys.

At the start of a tournament, each player receives an equal number of units, which are used for placing bets for the duration of the tourney. For example, you enter a tourney and you get 500 units to place bets. You can wager 10, 30 or a max of 50 units for each bet. Units are non-monetary and can not be carried over to other tournaments.

The catch is, if you lose all your units, you are out of the tourney. Bet wisely!

Our scoring system is based on the results of non-monetary wagers on sports in a contest (tourney). At FanBettor, wagers mimic what would happen at a real sportsbook.

For example, a winning 50 unit straight bet would allow the player to score 50 points, if lost they would lose 55 units.

To see how all the bets work for each sport visit our How To Play section.

We offer 5 bet options - straight, 2 game tease, 3 game tease, parlay and action reverse. Please see tourney levels for more on the bet options available.

The point spread makes the team most likely to win the favorite and the team most likely to lose the underdog. The favortie team give points (49ers -3), while an underdog gets points (Chiefs +3).

Bet the (49ers -3) and they must win by 4 points to cover the point spread. Bet the (Chiefs +3) and they can lose the game by 2 points and still cover the point spread. When you cover the spread you win your bet.

The over/under (O/U) is a prediction by the oddsmakers on the total number of points scored by both teams in a game.
Not required, however it can be a creative way to boost a players score.
After the game start, click bets on the Results or Leaderboard page. Player bets for 1pm games show up at 1pm, etc.
Bets can be placed right up until game time. Bets cannot be placed after the tourney End Date/Time.